If you are connected to the Internet in any way right now, you are a hardware owner. This hardware may be a phone, a laptop or gaming equipment. There is also a chance that you are not making optimal use of its capacity and computing power.

You have probably also heard about Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin. Blockchain technology has helped a lot of businesses become decentralized, and this could probably be the way businesses will run in the nearest future. Decentralization denies platforms a single point of failure, as all information of the platform are stored in bits in different systems. When done rightly, decentralization also helps platforms become hackerproof.

Cloud computing services have always been about companies having large servers to cater to the growing compute needs of people worldwide. The more these services are needed, the more servers are mounted. These essentially implies that information and data for a lot of people (think millions) are contained in one single server, which, although can be rare, may become compromised. The potential effects of this compromise can be catastrophic. These sorts of services are known as centralized computing services.

Decentralized computing services on the other hand, offers similar services, only this time, the information is stored in several servers round the world. Many decentralized computing platforms try to have their user information stored in bits in servers that are not in one place. For this, many utilize their user hardware. Information/Projects are now stored/executed on individual hardware instead of a single server. Not only does it ensure safety of their users’ data, it also ensures that the suppliers of this hardware get to receive incentives for donating their equipment.

We now have a lot of platforms that offer decentralized cloud computing services, and some of them are becoming widely known. Although the issues of scalability and complexities in the mode of blockchain based services still abound, some platforms are already simplifying the process and worked actively on resolving the issue of scalability.

For the context of this article, we are taking a look at Cudo network, a decentralized platform that utilizes their users’ hardware to provide cloud computing services worldwide.

CUDO is a decentralized platform that serves as an oracle for other blockchains/blockchain based applications while also offering distributed cloud computing services. As a global compute network, the Cudo network offers two major services;

1) To provide a secure Turing complete oracle layer to blockchains, enabling any kind of workload requested on the blockchain to be executed in a record short time while being fully decentralized.

2) To be a cost effective alternative to the main cloud service providers available today.

Cudo serves three unique set of consumers-

i. The blockchain developer

ii. Cloud computing service users

iii. The Hardware owner

The hardware owners are the focus of this article, as there are a lot of persons worldwide with hardware that can benefit from using Cudo.

Passive Income Generation: Cudo is an application that can generate passive income for any owner with unused hardware. You can generate from as low as 50dollars a month to 400dollars a month depending on the kind of hardware in your care. You don’t have to do anything, so far the hardware is powered and the Cudo software is installed.

Ease of use: The Cudo application is easy to use and install. With a few clicks, you can easily have the application running on your computer/gaming equipment. The software is available for Linus, Windows and Mac devices. Once you install it, you are directed on the next few clicks, and then the remaining processes become automated.

During active hours of the user’s hardware, the Cudo software is idle, so that the user can make optimal use of his/her hardware without having many applications slowing the work activity down. When the hardware becomes idle, the Cudo software starts running automatically, generating income for the user.

Price Setting: With Cudo, renting out your unused hardware has never been easier. You also get to set your own price for your hardware. The Cudo engine matches you with users who need the capabilities of your device, whilst also suggesting prices for you depending on demand for such hardware. When there is a higher demand, the prices go up, benefitting the owner of the device.

Mining Cryptocurrencies: Cudo automatically switches your equipment to mining cryptocurrencies when there are no cloud computing works to be done, or when mining becomes more profitable compared to cloud computing services. You don’t have to do anything for this switch to happen, and the switch would also take place if there are greater mining rewards for some coins than others. The rewards for this mining will be sent to your Cudo wallet, and you can withdraw it to an exchange and get fiat.

Donate to Charity: You can now donate your hardware to be used to mine and the proceeds generated fully donated to charity. With Cudo, You don’t have to worry about not having fiat to give to charity. Please visit to get more information on how this works.

Be a part of something great: Cudo already has over 100,000 users worldwide that use and trust their products. There is no known platform that has provision for alternatives between mining and cloud computing services except Cudo. Going through, you discover user friendly tools that automate the process of reselling unused computing power. These are services that are unique to Cudo, and as a hardware owner, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be part of this great platform.

*For developers and cloud service users, there are enormous benefits to be gained by using Cudo. You can chose your level of decentralization as a developer, and you can also list applications to be sold/used on the Cudo marketplace. As a cloud service user, you get a cost effective service with a team that is ready to personally respond to all your questions and concerns, a team with experience. You also get to join a wide range of companies that are now partners with Cudo and benefitting from their cloud computing services, while also chosing the level of privacy you desire for each project you execute through the Cudo platform.

You can join users from over 100 countries and become part of the Cudo family by visiting




It has always been crypto

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It has always been crypto

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