First of all, I’d like to state that this is a blockchain based NFT project, not a review of an episode from Vampire Diaries. NFTs are the trendy discussions in today’s blockchain world, and they are worth every attention they are getting. NFTs is an acronym which stands for Non-Fungible Tokens existing on a blockchain, which are unique tokens that cannot be traded interchangeably, no matter how much they look alike. NFTs have proven to be essential in spaces such as Games, Real Estate, DeFi, Virtual Reality, Proof of Participation and so forth. Long story short, everyone wants them. At least I do.

But what does NFTs have to do with Vampires in the first place?

Disclaimer: This article was written by a Vampire. Make decisions with caution


The birth of the Vampire syndicate started off just like any other big project in crypto- the gathering together of friends and the utmost desire to not just be unique, but mystical too. Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is the making of four friends and an artist whose desire is to create an NFT and a gaming platform that can truly be a force to be reckoned with in the blockchain world.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is an Ethereum-based NFT collection that is based on Vampire themes. The syndicate, also known as SVS, will be featuring 8,888 unique Vampire themed NFTs, 8 of which will be hand drawn by the wiz artist popularly known as Mig.

It will also be featuring a 2D side scrolling game that revolves around NFTs. Only owners of the Vampire NFTs can play the game.

These Vampire NFTs will qualify their holders to get even more NFTs exclusive to the SVS platform, and afford them access to the metaverse world that the team is currently working on.

The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is going to be one exclusive club where only a few would come hang out. The first thing to ask is, why should you get in?


Each NFT project is unique but some are more unique than others. Apart from the name, what other features about Sneaky Vampire Syndicate should get your attention? Let’s discuss

UNIQUENESS: Each Vampire Themed NFT is unique. They have different powers, different set of fangs and sometimes even different lairs. These Vampires also have different characters and different expressions. 8,888 is also a unique number that draws you to a project, wouldn’t you agree?

why get fangs?????????????

AN ACTIVE COMMUNITY: Activities in many NFT platforms always happen after the launch. However, the syndicate has somehow garnered enough interest to keep its members blood thirsty, as can be seen in both their discord group and Twitter page. Everyone is helpful to everyone, and the community grows by the Hour.

It’s a community of Vampires, and everyone is thirsty

INCENTIVES: Who doesn’t like Incentives? The syndicate has been doing giveaways to its members since its inception. It’s more like you are getting airdropped some Bitcoin, just by being active in the community. Who doesn’t like such a thing? Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is giving out one of the juiciest incentives currently available to gaming enthusiasts, and you shouldn’t miss it.

WORKING TEAM: The SVS team works hard. They joke a lot too. Attending an AMA session will give you inkling to their personality which is filled with warmth and passion for their project and their community.

There are many more reasons to be part of this, but you have to join the community channels to learn more. Links will be provided at the end of the article.


As of the time of this writing, the discord members of the SVS have surpassed 20,000. It’s beyond amazing. It gets better. These members are always active. There are always conversations centered on Vampires, incentives, game suggestions for the team or just old Vampire jokes. Everyone in the crypto space is discussing this project. It is the hype

The Twitter page is not without its own action too, as followership has more than doubled in the 24hours it took me to write this piece.

The Lair is somewhere you’d want to be in; and everyone wants to be a Vampire so bad, discord usernames are being edited to the effect.

The Syndicate has offered its members blood, and some of us just can’t quench our thirst, no matter how many pints we take.


Image Credit:

If you have heard of SVS,you have most likely viewed its most celebrated sneak peek NFT, which is the #onlyfangs. In fact, it is now a movement. There has been memes built around it, discord usernames edited to include the trending hashtag, and people like me just typing #onlyfangs just for the fun of it. Spoiler alert- I’m in love with it. #onlyfangs is not just an art to some of us, it’s a form of identity in the NFT space and I absolutely love how it has caught on. Yep. It’s all about the FANGS.

SVS is centered around decentralization. That is why the maximum mint of NFTs cannot be more than 5per transaction.


Getting the SVS NFT will be a battle of the Fangs, but becoming a Vampire is easy.

Visit the website:

Join the twitter conversation at Https://

Become friends with other Vampires by joining the discord group at


To gather more insight into this project, please read this article

See your Fangs on the other side!

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate: The Cult Everyone Can’t Wait To Join




It has always been crypto

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It has always been crypto

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