How Kleros Grew From Being Idea to Attaining Massive Crypto Community Recognition

Having a great idea (let’s call it Idea A) on any subject can come easy to some people; putting together a team and executing idea A can be somewhat stressful and draining, but the real hurdle is getting people to not only associate themselves with the product of the idea, but also getting them to adopt the application and make it a part of their lives. It is even harder if the application is blockchain based, where projects fail easily and competition can be very stifling.

Kleros system, a decentralized application that offers justice as a service, has been able to achieve massive recognition in the blockchain user community in a matter of months after their public sale. This recognition and adoption of the platform, has been organic and impressive. In my opinion, this growth can only be achieved through a combination of adeptness and hard work by the Kleros team.

Here are some of the ways that the Kleros team has been able to achieve massive recognition in the crypto community;

· Having a working Product/Platform: The Kleros platform is a fully functional platform that consists of operational Decentralized applications such as the Kleros Court, the Kleros curate, the dispute resolver and many others.

The Kleros court has attended and resolved more than 300 cases since its inception. Known to dispense decentralized justice, the Kleros court is made up of more than 500 jurors who can now grant justice from the comfort of their homes. CASE 302 was one case that got Kleros a lot of traction in the crypto community, with people voting for or against the prediction that there will be more than 1000 reported corona deaths in the US by a certain date. The outcome of this case shed a lot of light on the mission of Kleros and more people are beginning to look forward to that kind of prediction on the Kleros platform. The prediction took place via Omen, a decentralized prediction market that is also a product of the Kleros platform. There is currently a 1,000,000 PNK bounty that is taking place on the Omen page. You can get more information on this by visiting Omen Prediction Bounty and win some PNK tokens.

Kleros Platform has a lot of functional and easy to use decentralized applications that actively engages its community members. For Example, The Kleros Curate allows community members to become jurors and vet submissions of Kleros story telling programs.

The Kleros Dispute Resolver contains all the cases that the Kleros court has ever worked on. It also contains a detailed description of these cases, evidence presented and their rulings. There are several more fully functional decentralized applications that are running on the Kleros platform.

You can check out to learn more about the various products that are available and get involved.

The presence of working products is one of the main reasons why there is an ongoing mass adoption of Kleros and the PNK token- the token of the Kleros platform.

· Dedicated Team: The Kleros team is a dedicated one. Made up of diverse people with successful careers in different field, it is easy to see why the platform is gaining a lot of traction on social media. The team has worked on the platform for two years before launch, has attended several hackathons, presented at several seminars worldwide, won decentralized application awards and partnered with a lot of reputable blockchain based platforms.

There is a research team, a constantly updated blog that educates the community on the products being launched, and a constantly updated social media feeds. It is easy to see how this platform is successful, with all the activities being carried out to ensure a worldwide adoption of decentralized justice.

· Bounties/Community Interactions and Others: Since the beginning of the year (I’m referring to 2020), the Kleros platform has been organizing bounties for the members of its community. These bounties range from storytelling campaigns to bug bounties to Prediction markets. This not only helps keep Kleros on the news, it also ensures active community involvement in the build of the platform all year round. There is also active interaction with community members, especially on Telegram. The Kleros community keeps growing, and there is little doubt that the team would keep coming up with different ideas on how to continuously engage their community members. After all, what is a decentralized justice system without willing participants?

In conclusion, the life span of many blockchain based platforms is short due to either lack of a working product or an inability to be fully dedicated and transparent by the team in charge. The kleros platform has clearly shown that it is possible to build on an idea, and with the right community, it is possible to achieve success and longevity.

To learn more about Kleros platform’s features and functionalities, please visit the website at




It has always been crypto

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It has always been crypto

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