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5 min readNov 4, 2021


Disclaimer: I’m a huge fan of this project, and this article is written based off of my opinion regarding the project. Do your own diligence before becoming a Hape like Me

NFTs are the trendiest things to have, not just in crypto, but the world right now. They are flexible, safer to move around compared to traditional art, unchallenging to trade and makes it very easy for anyone with enough passion to have an envious portfolio of collectibles.

A certain set of NFTs collectibles set the tone for some of the hypes and standards that are now being demanded from NFT projects. These NFTs are Ape-Themed. Setting the trend for Ape NFTs is Bored Ape Yatcht Club (BAYC), a platform that has managed to create a degree of royalty for diverse set of people as never seen before. Looking at it, you just had to have a BAYC NFT to be considered royalty, at least in the crypto space.

The huge success of the BAYC set the tone for the success of the projects that will imbibe the values and skill that is associated with creating NFT themed Apes. Projects such as Party Apes, Galactic Apes and Desperate Apewives are doing well in the NFT space, with lowest prices starting at over $1000 for a piece on OpenSea at the time of this writeup.

The above paragraphs are important to note when one is making a decision to get a HAPE- the universal term for the next generation 3D high fashion Apes that have built enough hype and class to be distinguished in the sea of NFT pieces that are now released every day.

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Designed by Digimental, Hapes(Hapebeast.com) are unique Ape-themed NFTs that live on the Ethereum network. 8,192 in number, these Apes could strut the metaverse in a way that would rival any top Victoria Secret Runway model in real life. These Hapes are gorgeously designed and appear to be larger than life, if one should be asked to describe the sneak peek from the Team thus far.

Main Features of this NFT set would be 3D real life looking Hapes, colourful attires, Hape Music, and an ability to walk the Hape Runway.

Acquiring an Ape-themed NFT is the dream of every NFT collector, but Hapes should be your NFT priority right now. Here are 4 reasons why

LOVE: This emotion is such an odd thing when it comes to considering an NFT Project. However, HapesBeast Project could change their name to Love anytime any day and they wouldn’t be far from the truth. The project exudes love. A visit to the website will show the love for other Ape Projects in abundance. At a time where similar themed projects are almost in a parallel relationship with one another, Hapes seek to be a bridge that unites multiverse Apes. It is a belief in the Hapes community that no matter how diverse the Apes of the metaverse is, all Apes have the same origin.

It is also evident in their community channels such as the Discord where people are eager to answer your questions.Due to the large number of people in the group (over a 100,000), at least 20 subservers have been created in the main discord group to promote inclusiveness for individuals of similar interests. You can chose one of these groups that aligns with your interests and join the conversations going on in there. There is even a special group for Women-in-NFT, a group I’m super elated to join. All in all, the first mission of this project is to promote love and unity in a very diverse NFT ecosystem. Ultimately, we are all emotional creatures, and we can do with any love we can find in any community, especially in the budding metaverse.

UNIQUENESS: A great metaverse project strives for uniqueness as its number one trait. You don’t need to dive deep to explore the uniqueness of Hapes. There are simply no 3D Fashion Apes before Hapebeast. The aim of the HapesBeast project is to be a high fashionable brand in the NFT space. Strutting Apes are a sight to behold, real life or metaverse. It is safe to say that you can never get enough of Hapes’ unique features.

Image Credit: Hapebeast.com

FEASIBLE ROADMAP: Projects that do well in the long run have a roadmap that is adhered to; there might slight changes in the works, but an overall healthy and straightforward progress should be glimpsed by just looking at the roadmap. Hapes promises attainable progress strides, which is something to look out for in a project. In my opinion, a project that promises too much might not deliver and can be high risk investment. Talks of other drops, music to Hape to, clothing collabs and couture are all the things a potential NFT buyer should want to know about. All in all, the roadmap is feasible.

HYPE: Any great NFT enthusiast loves hype. If you are an NFT freak, Hype is something you definitely consider. Hype goes a long way in ensuring longevity of a project, especially if the hype is built around sustainable evidences of the progress of the project. HapeBeasts has hype, and it is so big you should definitely consider it. There is a lot of activities around the social media channels of this project that you encounter, especially if you are active in the NFT space. Hype sells, and combining hype with great projects is your ticket to being a Royalty in the metaverse.

Lastly, there is a factor many don’t consider when it comes to great NFT projects, and that factor is Fun. The metaverse is a place to have fun, relax and be entertained. HapeBeasts promises fun. I can never imagine strutting a runway, but my Hape can. The goal of developing a metaverse is to be able to do something that sounds too audacious to even consider in real life, but Hapes promises just that. I cannot wait to see the future for Hapes, but I’m sure anyone reading this should not miss out on it.

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Website: https://www.hapebeast.com/

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Discord: discord.gg/hapebeast