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Cryptocurrency trading can be a very daunting prospect, especially when the person trading is a beginner. Finding a suitable exchange (centralized or decentralized) can be equally frustrating, despite the influx of new cryptocurrency exchanges who now compete for serious traders. Distinguishing exchange features such as speed and liquidity still pose very big problems to many exchanges available today. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are preferred to their decentralized counterparts because they are somewhat regulated, efficient in terms of speed, and they have large volumes for the coins listed, thereby offering serious traders- liquidity.

However, a centralized exchange, to a certain extent, defeats the sole purpose of decentralization, which is to provide security whilst an asset owner maintains full control of their assets. Traders have to trust these exchanges to guard their funds, and time has proven that this method can be very risky. Despite upgraded security measures in place in many of these exchanges, more than a billion dollars have been lost through security breaches, rendering many traders officially bankrupt. Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges would be the most preferred, as they allow their customers to be in sole control of their wallets used in trading. Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) are also not regulated by any Authority, and can boast of very low trading fees. It is worthy to note that while these features give decentralized exchanges an edge; they come at a great price. Many of these decentralized exchanges have sacrificed speed, liquidity and efficency, all for security.

In the world of continuously improved decentralized finance, a serious cryptocurrency trader should have it all- speed, efficiency, liquidity, trading volume and security. This is the point where we discuss Deversifi.

Deversifi is a high performance decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that provides access to deep liquidity pools with great scalability, thanks to Starkware. Deversifi allows traders to execute orders of any size directly from the security of their private wallets.

The new Deversifi trading Interface

Starkware technology solves the major problems of blockchain, which are Privacy and Scalability. The Starkware team has developed a decentralized application, the StarkDEX, which is a scalability engine for Decentralized Exchanges that allows Deversifi handle up to 9000+ trades per second.

Deversifi is powered by Starkware technology, which gives it distinguishing features that set it apart from its decentralized counterparts and an edge over the more common centralized exchanges. These features include:

Privacy: Starkware technology provides Deversifi users with unparalleled privacy. Using Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKproof) protocol, the Starkware layer ensures that traders are guaranteed absolute privacy, and only the information they wish to reveal would be known. Also, transaction data are recorded offline, guaranteeing that trader’s information or trading strategy would never be compromised.

Speed: A major problem of decentralized exchanges, it is easy to see how this feature would be vastly improved to suit the needs of serious traders. Deversifi boasts of up to 9000 transactions per second, miles ahead of any DEX in terms of speed, and giving it a spot to compete with centralized counterparts. Trades are executed in milliseconds, withdrawals are fast, and balances are automatically updated. All these are made possible with the Starkware technology.

Liquidity: A serious cryptocurrency trader needs to know that his/her trading volume can be accommodated conveniently by his/her preferred exchange. This is why Deversifi, a secure decentralized exchange provides liquidity to its users through self-custodial sources. Deversifi makes it possible for a trader to trade any size of available Deversifi listed assets comfortably from his personal wallet with speed.

API Documentation and UI Upgrades: A major issue that plagues decentralized exchanges is the difficulty in understanding how to use them. The newly improved API documentation of Deversifi makes it very simple to integrate one’s wallet and easily use the exchange. A guide towards the API documentation is present on the site. There are options for various wallets to suit a serious trader’s needs. Users can easily connect their metamask, ledger or keystore wallets to use Deversifi. The User Interface (UI) is also simple to use and very pleasing to the eyes.

All the above features are in addition to the native features of Decentralized exchanges, which are security and total control of one’s asset, very low trading fees, and these platforms are not regulated by any authority. In short, with Deversifi, you enjoy all the pecks of a centralized exchange, while being your own boss.

The NEC Token is Deversifi native token. Holders of NEC enjoy multiple privileges, such as trading fee discounts of up to 70%, becoming a member of the NecDAO, an autonomous organization that decides upgrades and token listings of the Deversifi Exchange. Hodlers of NEC tokens have a say in what happens in the Deversifi community. The NEC token has undergone multiple and aggressive token burns, with regular buyback programs set in place making it a deflationary token.

Conclusively, Deversifi has the ability to change a trader’s transaction history, not only through trading execution speeds and off chain order books, but also through instant withdrawals and assured liquidity. The exchange is the perfect fit for any cryptocurrency trader, and it is certainly the exchange for a serious cryptocurrency trader, beginner or Expert.

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