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4 min readJan 21, 2022


2022 is shaping up to be a great one for NFTs. There is a tremendous amount of attention from every part of the media on NFTs as many of the world’s biggest brands are beginning to slowly transition their customers to the metaverse. NFTs are now selling for record figures, and NFT drops are making statements of their own as everybody currently trading them are hunting for the best of the best, going as far as paying top dollar for the collections that are considered to be the rarest of them all.

Asides from hype, there has been improvement in the quality and utility of NFT drops that has been released this year. NFTs are no longer just being used as a collector’s item, they are gradually growing to become utility items for their owners. Many people are getting into NFTs now, and it is becoming even more exciting for NFT merchants and exchanges as there is also new influx of drops happening every day in the cryptoverse.

Imaginary Ones NFT drop announcement came with a bang. For a project with no website in place as at the time of announcement, the project certainly garnered enough interests from NFT collectors, an interest that was evidenced in the number of Twitter followership that grew by the hour as news spread of the future drop.

This hype isn’t without base; The artist and co-founder, Clement Chia, has made a name for himself worldwide as someone who understands what it takes to create successful projects. David Lee, also a co-founder is also known to have worked side by side with Clement Chia in establishing great platforms and turning them to huge successes. It is also a recorded fact that they have had popular brands like Heineken and L’oreal as clients in the past. These co-founders have worked hard to establish themselves on the Internet, so it is little wonder that people are excited to see them launch an NFT drop.

It is also worthy to note that Imaginaryones NFTs is a collection of 3D walk motion NFTs characterized by colourful and unique designs that pops. It’s hard to come up with an NFT project that shares similar design with this one. News about this project is still trickling, but so far, the sneak peeks are very pleasing to watch.


The purpose of these NFTs are pretty clear; David Lee, on a twitter post stated ‘We hope that owning our art reminds you to play, dream and smile like a child again. What was something you loved doing, but you had to give it up because “reality hits”? Find that spark again.’

This statement summarizes the whole purpose of the drop; a fun art collection that brings smiles to your face every time you view them, art that brings your childlike imagination to life, and expands your vision beyond what we consider today to be reality. This would be art that reminds you to imagine living in your own metaverse; a world where your realities align with the colorful imaginations you had growing up.

The ImaginaryOnes project has enjoyed maximum attention from Twitter users and NFT media outlets. Many people are making memes about their imaginations and tagging the official twitter handle of the project; There are videos on Youtube with positive reviews on the project and the general sentiment on Twitter is that of great positivity.

Conclusively, there are certain drops that, as an NFT trader/collector, you shouldn’t miss; Imaginaryones NFT collection is one of them. There would be whitelist instructions released on the social media outlets of the project and it’s best to turn on notifications so one doesn’t miss a thing.

To know more about ImaginaryOnes NFT launch, please keep up with the following channels

Twitter: https://twitter.com/imaginary_ones

Website: https://www.imaginaryones.com

Discord: Coming soon

Here are some Youtube Links that can give you a good insight into Imaginaryones NFT drop

ImaginaryOnes NFT review by Logan Allec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib_qoSlg6Os

A review by the popular BlockchainGavin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whHpkZEZgwM

This was an emotional write up for me. Colorful Imaginations and childlike memories are a huge part of my life and I’m glad to find a project that recognizes that.