Hazel C
3 min readMar 31, 2021

Polkalokr’s IDO on Polkastarter will be held on 7th of April, 2021. Do apply for the whitelist by visiting the website.*

If you have been in the space long enough, you’d realize that as mundane as it seems, token distribution is one of the most complicated aspect of a cryptocurrency based platform. Tokenomics can make or mar a project and can be the difference between a project thriving or being obsolete. Polkalokr is a project built on the Polkadot Network that is helping platforms and their users simplify their token locking and distribution processes.

Beyond that, Polkalokr is building the simplest multi-faceted solution that offers their users options to lock, insure, swap, distribute tokens as they deem fit. Polkalokr offers you a dashboard where you can track all your locked tokens and the release period. You can also monetize your locked tokens on your dashboard and get lokr tokens for them. Lokr is the native token of the Polkalokr ecosystem. Lokr (the product) is a polkalokr protocol that can be used to activate a lot of automated actions on the Polkalokr dashboard such as team token distribution, time-sensitive token release to friends and family and many more.

Swapr is the second Polkalokr protocol that enables swapping of any digital asset, and even enable three-way complex swaps (how cool is that?). Essentially, Swapr promotes atomic swaps, Peer to peer swaps and cross-chain swaps.

Now, all these information is readily visible when you visit the website. Let’s get into 5 things you probably wouldn’t have known about polkalokr unless you dig deep. Here we go:

1) The Lokr token ($LKR) is the most flexible multichain escrow token in the world. There is a lot of things you could do with your $LKR tokens; you can lock your NFTs and sell when you are ready; you can gift your friends tokens on their birthdays without even remembering. These tokens are released to their wallets automatically on their special day. That’s not all; $LKR can get you access into liquidity pools, help you distribute tokens automatically, offer you access to some insurance products and above all, it is very user focused. There is a lot of flexibility that comes with the use of the token and not even competitor tokens offer that much advantage.

2) The first polkalokr whitepaper was drafted in 2018 by the CEO, Imran Ashfaq. He wanted a product that made it easy for users to deal with cryptocurrencies safely and securely

3) You can access the Polkalokr interface on your phone, tablet or computers in the coming months.

4) A competitive comparison done by the Polkalokr team puts it ahead of strong competitors like Unicrypt, trustswap, Bondly. (Check page 6 of this Document)

5) Popular Crypto Influencer and Trader (known on Twitter and his website as Wolf of all streets) featured Polkalokr on his ‘Wolf Den Newsletter’ where he summarized everything there is to know on Polkalokr’s mission.

A more comprehensive read on Polkalokr’s mission can be found on the website at Https://www.polkalokr.com

You can also join the telegram group at https://t.me/polkalokr for more information